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Visit Canada


Canada is a magnificent country where space and nature reign supreme, do you dream of traveling there?
Or do you have a family member living in Canada that you would like to visit? Let us take care of supporting you in your project.


Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa in order to come and visit Canada. This visa document allows you to stay there temporarily. As a general rule, a visitor can stay up to six (6) months in Canada, except under certain specific conditions. Find out about these conditions.



Study in Canada


Canada is recognized worldwide for its excellent education system. Studying in Canada means obtaining credentials recognized around the world and having a rewarding multicultural experience.


To come to study in Canada, the candidate needs to apply for a study permit in Canada, this is the official document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada authorizing him to pursue a general, theoretical, professional or other training. In addition, if the studies are in Quebec, he must also ensure to have a certificate of acceptance from the MIFI.

Choosing the right program of study could also allow you to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence upon graduation and enter the workforce with a post-study work permit.

You must meet certain criteria to obtain a study permit in Canada. Some programs may be exempt from a study permit. Leave it to us to guide and support you.


Working Holiday Visa 


You have received a job offer from a Canadian employer and you do not know what to do. It will be our pleasure to guide you.


Do you want to come to Canada to gain work experience? We have contacts with Canadian employers looking for labor. We can help you with your search.


Generally, a work permit is required to work in Canada, except under certain exemptions. Find out about the different options available to you by contacting us!

If you already hold Canadian permanent residence, a Canadian open work permit or a WHV, let us refer you to our HR partners to help you find a Canadian employer.

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