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Is the labor shortage affecting you and you are constantly looking for workers to fill your positions? Recruiting foreign workers may be a solution for you. Let us take care of helping you recruit internationally.


Today, for your company to continue to perform in a constantly changing world, it must adapt to changes quickly by using creativity, discipline, daring and being attentive to trends. It must also consider its human capital as an asset of great value.

Our workers come from France, Tunisia, Morocco and the Philippines. On site, our HR specialists, beneficiaries and recruiters take care of skills tests and aptitude tests. Interviews can be done on-site or by videoconference from the comfort of your office.

We recruit profiled candidates who have a serious immigration project for a successful integration and stability.

It is not that easy to hire a foreign worker, the company must make sure to take all the necessary steps of the process and must also meet specific criteria established by Canada and the provinces. This requires investment of time and resources. In addition, there are several issues such as the possibility of additional delays imposed by governments, changes in laws and unexpected global situations.


Here are a few tips :

If you are in Quebec and you use a recruitment agency, make sure it has its mandatory CNESST recruiting permit. Heavy fines are foreseen for employers who do business with organizations not registered with the CNESST.

If you decide to be accompanied by professionals for the immigration process, make sure that they have the necessary authorizations to be able to help you in the immigration process and are accepted with Service Canada, MIDI and IRCC.

Our experienced partners specializing in HR and international recruitment will ensure that the process is carried out with care and according to your precise expectations.

Several steps must be taken in order to successfully recruit:


A) Evaluating your eligibility as an employer against the requirements of the various programs. This step is essential and essential to fully understand the implication of international hiring;


B) Analysis of your needs and development of recruitment strategies according to the required skills, country of origin and region of the workplace.


C) Schedule of steps with a realistic timeline


  • Allow time for the search and selection of candidates;

  • Allow a deadline for postings of at least one (1) month;

  • Allow a processing time for the processing of the LMIA / CAQ;

  • Allow time for processing the work permit, which varies depending on the visa office in the worker's country of origin.

D) Posting of positions and invitation of candidates


  • Canvassing, advertising campaigns in local media.


E) Sorting and preselection of the best candidates according to the employer's criteria


F) Recruitment

After analyzing the most solid applications, we assist you in the interview process:


  • Validation of technical skills;

  • Verification of academic training;

  • References from former employers;

  • Criminal record check;

  • Interview by videoconference or on-site mission.


G) Administrative procedures with ESDC, IRCC and MIFI

  • We will take care of all stages of the process


H) Preparation of the candidate before leaving for Canada


  • Air ticket, three (3) month health insurance;

  • Opening of a bank account;

  • Help in finding accommodation;

  • Training: Are there any online training programs to prepare for your coming to Canada? (Examples: cultural codes and values ​​of Quebec, the world of work, employers' expectations), etc.


I) Reception, training and integration support


  • Airport reception;

  • NAS, RAMQ, driver's license support;

  • Integration training.


  J) Support for extensions of status, application for permanent residence and Canadian citizenship

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